Why Large Format?

I was often asked why I persisted in making photographs with film (aka "the old fashioned way") instead of running with the herd headlong into the digital world. Given the rapid growth of digital imaging, the question was a fair one. My reasons were simple. First and foremost, I enjoyed the photographic process itself. Nothing was more relaxing than spending a day in the darkroom, fighting to get it “just right.” I never tired of making images. I just didn't get (and still don’t get) the same feeling from sitting all day at a computer.

Second, my preferred medium was large format. Digital imaging still had not progressed far enough to meet the requirements of the large format photographer. My negatives were a minimum of 4 X 5 inches and not infrequently were 8 X 10 inches. Digital sensors, while improving all the time, were still not practical for the view camera (at least not unless you were Bill Gates).

Third, and perhaps most important, photography with the view camera was (and is) a contemplative process. It took time to visualize in my mind what I wanted the image to be. The urge to fire off frame after frame with your trusty digital camera was in contrast to the way I approached making images. I often spent an entire day and returned with only a single image. Sometimes the hunt was more fun than the kill.

Fourth, I was (and am) dreadfully color blind. My attempts at color balancing images in Photoshop were disastrous. I am much better with the Zone System.

Unfortunately, due to life's changes, I now travel far too much too maintain my skills as a large format photographer. I have recently completed the sale of my cameras and my entire darkroom. I may in the future try my hand at digitally processing my large format negatives, but at present this does not seem an appealing endeavor.

I hope you enjoy the images on my web site. I did so much enjoy making them.